Literally No One:

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Because the Literally No One: meme isn't dead 'til we say it is!
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Director: Ryan Todd
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    ArianaVirginiaArianaVirginia3 napja
  • Everyone here has achieved comedy. 👏👏

    AlvaroVlid's cancerAlvaroVlid's cancer3 napja
  • No one: Me: no one

  • nobody: literally no-one courtney: OOOUIII FADADADADADADAD AHOOA

    TheBeatlesxxTheBeatlesxx12 napja
  • I like how SMOSH is complaining about dead memes. Modern day smosh

    Logic CrashLogic Crash15 napja
    • Its a parody

      davood ohdavood oh12 napja
  • Stop it

    Davi SilvaDavi Silva17 napja
  • Nobody: Literally no one: Everybody: Nobody: Literally no one: [Insert whatever you want here]

    Davi SilvaDavi Silva17 napja
  • No one: Not even a not even soul: Litteraly litteraly not a soul: And not even a soul soul: The comment section: No one: Litteraly no one: The comment section: no one:

    FOR UFOR U25 napja
  • Nobody: Literally nobody: The entire comment section: **trying to release hell itself to invade the entire planet of youtube**

    Maxie The Crab LordMaxie The Crab LordHónapja
  • This might be the worst Smosh video I've ever seen

    Magic TorreiraMagic TorreiraHónapja
  • Everybody: Literally Everybody: Everybody: Nobody: Literally Nobody:

    Luminous LlamaLuminous LlamaHónapja
  • Guys is that rhett from good mythical morning's face on that laptop?? Wow, that's a funny little detail.

  • Comment: nO oNe: LiTerAllY nO oNe: [Insert name]: (says something) Replies: oMg tHis cOmmEnt iS sO unDeRraTed 😭

    Depressed Warriors FanDepressed Warriors FanHónapja
  • I see people with actual good funny comments, but ruins it by using the no one meme

    Depressed Warriors FanDepressed Warriors FanHónapja
  • Logically, it's a bit confusing. If literally no one says nothing that means that everyone says something due to it being a double negative. Saying 'everyone else:' would make more sense.

    Daniel McDowellDaniel McDowell2 hónapja
  • Nobody: LITERALLY NO ONE EVER: Me: When are you going to stop saying the same unfunny joke over and over again?

  • 0:30 ... shut up

    RavRav2 hónapja
  • Nobody: Straight men on Tinder: Don't be shy share your homeadress

    AxoAxo2 hónapja
  • Nobody: Litrally nobody: Anthony: *leaves Smosh* Everybody: *dislikes this comment*

    AllenPlayz Roblox And OthersAllenPlayz Roblox And Others2 hónapja
  • Every time I see "Nobody:" Or "No one:", i want to fucking punch the wall

    DogGaming 926DogGaming 9262 hónapja
  • No One: Literally No One: Me: Drink's Coffee without Coffee Creamer or sugar everyday during breakfast.

    Sebastian RodriguezSebastian Rodriguez2 hónapja
  • Nobody: Literally Nobody: Not a single soul: Not even god: Not even air:

    Ryan PeraltaRyan Peralta2 hónapja
  • This: Meme format is so dead that it actually kills: my braincells: it hurts help: me

    Christian BryanChristian Bryan2 hónapja
  • 1 like = part 2 for another no one literally no one meme

    James Madison 4th PresidentJames Madison 4th President2 hónapja
  • No one literally no one: Everyone: No one literally no one: *talks about no one literally no one* me: why are they talking about no one literally no one? You: cause they like meme jokes you know like no one literally no one jokes me: 👁️👄👁️ you: 👁️👅👁️

    James Madison 4th PresidentJames Madison 4th President2 hónapja
  • No one: Literally no one: Not even a single soul: Not even the commenters of " No one: Literally no one:" Me: "NO ONE LITERALLY NO ONE."

    Koo Nyuk TnalKoo Nyuk Tnal2 hónapja
  • Never even understood this type of comment... it was just annoying

    Rosalyn KastnerRosalyn Kastner2 hónapja
  • My braaaaain is melting ohhh yeahhh

    Eden LambacoEden Lambaco2 hónapja
  • No one: Literally no one: Me: *breathes*

    ola kedeola kede2 hónapja
  • No one- Not a single living soul- Everyone after the video- no one

    Olaoluwa FaleyeOlaoluwa Faleye2 hónapja
  • nobody: Abseloutley no one: Whoever wrote this sketch: *abseloutley pissed off at these comments and doesn't fin them funy at all* People in the comments: Nobody, abseloutley no one

    ShreksLeftElbowPeircingShreksLeftElbowPeircing2 hónapja
  • Every1: Literally every1: This connection section:

    Jordan JohnstonJordan Johnston2 hónapja
    • Not joking I'm serious it's old.

      Jordan JohnstonJordan Johnston2 hónapja
    • Aka 95% of the people in the comments section. Ps 1st time I've ever posted these kinds of comments b4 but it's a very popular and annoying meme.

      Jordan JohnstonJordan Johnston2 hónapja
  • How is this meme still relevant? People want it to die, but it's still being used unironically.

    Grey DevilGrey Devil2 hónapja
  • What the hell is going on..

    Ahmed MetwallyAhmed Metwally2 hónapja
  • Everybody: Literally everybody: Nobody: Yes

    ఌ Snowberry Toys and more ꧂ఌ Snowberry Toys and more ꧂2 hónapja
  • Imagine if “Nobody:” said something?

    Pook ʕ•ᴥ•ʔPook ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ2 hónapja

    Guffy WoofriguezGuffy Woofriguez2 hónapja
  • keanu chungus wholesome 100 tiktok bad instagram bad reddit epic silver moment kind stranger 69 funny sex pewdiepie

    CrafTanoCrafTano2 hónapja
  • Im sending this to all the losers who make these types of comments,thanks smosh.

    Elisa YonamineElisa Yonamine3 hónapja
  • No one: Literally no one: No one at all: Not even a single soul: Not even a pig: Not even tony stark: Me: i think I'm wasting my time with this comment

    Melon2243Melon22433 hónapja
  • Nobody: Not even a single soul That girl: f**k you

    Gacha SkittlesGacha Skittles3 hónapja
  • A normal comment

    superspot 17superspot 173 hónapja
    • Thank you

      CrafTanoCrafTano2 hónapja
  • The nobody not a single soul makes no sense cause then you subject and point out somebody at the end: Nobody: Not a single soul: Me: Hi So if the subject is the only one excluded from the not a single soul does that make them soulless? It makes no sense to say nobody but point somebody because that is somebody. An alien?

    User ID 832054User ID 8320543 hónapja
  • No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: [the person]: Bro if it’s no one, not a single soul then why do: [the person]: who touched my banana???

    Unknown PersonUnknown Person3 hónapja
  • Courtney reminds me of the overly attached girlfriend for some reason.

    TV AwesomeParodysTV AwesomeParodys4 hónapja
  • No one: Not a single soul: Cartoon cats arms: wiggle wiggle wiggle

    Apple gamingApple gaming4 hónapja
  • 3:00 courtney just described me r8 there

    T FT F4 hónapja
  • Nobody: Not a single soul: Literally every comment section: Nobody: Not a single soul:

    Scott WilberScott Wilber4 hónapja

    Doug LettsDoug Letts4 hónapja
  • Nobody: Not a single soul Not even a single atom:likes these jokes

    HologramgameHologramgame4 hónapja
  • It's not even funny anymore, it's just annoying and overstayed its welcome.

    卩丨尺卂ㄒ卂卩丨尺卂ㄒ卂4 hónapja
    • the people in the comments are all twelve. plus the video wasn't even funny. what has smosh come to?

      • irene• irene3 hónapja
  • *e*

    Used Paper TowelUsed Paper Towel4 hónapja
  • 4:26 I'm living for the *s i l e n c e* in this clip 😂

    ⟬⟭ Izzy Shaw ⟭⟬⟬⟭ Izzy Shaw ⟭⟬4 hónapja
  • Overused dead memes..... Yeah because obviously memers always wanted this

    Harry The NeighborHarry The Neighbor4 hónapja
  • this meme has crushed your souls

    Adam WarrinerAdam Warriner4 hónapja
  • Why do: Comments: Always: Look: Like: THISSSSSSS

    サトシAsh KetchumサトシAsh Ketchum4 hónapja
  • Nobody:

    Big YoshiBig Yoshi4 hónapja
  • Great meme commentary

    ColinOrJamesColinOrJames4 hónapja
  • Nobody: also Nobody: SHUT UP STOP CALLING MY DANG NAME!!!

    Angela FAngela F4 hónapja
  • nobody literally no one: Courtney sus problemas psicologicos :U

    Crystal Crush100Crystal Crush1004 hónapja
  • Everyone who use this crappy meme,they are morons.

    yes bruvyes bruv4 hónapja
  • Why is this meme a thing ,2020 memes: you can just show someone a white screen and you become a superstar

    T3rminat0rrr77T3rminat0rrr774 hónapja
  • Shoot me!

    Apple DudeApple Dude4 hónapja
  • Comment section filled with idiots 🙄

    King Raplh MativoKing Raplh Mativo5 hónapja
    • True,it's just like virus.

      yes bruvyes bruv4 hónapja
  • At this point i give up scrolling through the comment section. All I find is a deadass joke "nOBoDy"

    YesYes5 hónapja
  • Nobody : Literally no one: Not a single soul Hates Crotchneyy 😡🥰🥰🥰🥰

    kiranjot chouhankiranjot chouhan5 hónapja
    • Stfu

      yes bruvyes bruv4 hónapja
  • No one: Literally no one: Not a soul: Cares about this meme anymore

    BubblesBubbles5 hónapja
    • Finally an anti-nobody comment. Wanna join me in the petition of stopping this deadass joke?

      YesYes5 hónapja
  • I’m pretty sure anyone that uses the nobody format knows that the original use for it was to basically say “hey no one asked you, but you still did it ._.”

    Grape PantaGrape Panta5 hónapja
  • Nobody: Literally no one: Me: "subscribe to me for no reason, nyanyanyanya"

    ZekurüZekurü5 hónapja
  • Nobody...thinks this meme was ever funny. I tried to explain to my brother what this stupid meme was and my sister who likes it got mad cuz I said it was cancer.

    Devildog KoggDevildog Kogg5 hónapja
  • Nobody : Not even a single soul : This comment : Overused

    StaryvenStaryven5 hónapja
    • @yes bruv stfu

      CrafTanoCrafTano2 hónapja
    • Then why are you using it,Einstein?

      yes bruvyes bruv4 hónapja
  • Their is no "nobody:" because everything can happened in 1 second

  • no one: absolutely no one: not a single soul: not a single atom: not a single youtube comment: not even reddit: not even your mom: not even your dad whos been gone for 11 years to get milk not even jojo stans: not even kpop stans: not even protestors: this format: *haha nobody go brrr*

    RruneRrune5 hónapja
  • Nobody: Literally Nobody: Not a single soul: Nobody:

    AcherestAcherest5 hónapja
  • Nobody : Literally Nobody : People using the literally nobody meme format :

    A4DCSA4DCS5 hónapja
  • LiterallyNoOne, someone's calling you!

    LancerLancer5 hónapja
  • Rhett on the computer like- 👁👄👁

    Mya DonleyMya Donley5 hónapja
  • Smosh: Nobody: Texts Nobody

    Ryker EditsRyker Edits5 hónapja
  • so basically nobody memes are just the commenters saying that their comments are original

    skeletornskeletorn5 hónapja
  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Me: This meme is getting more and more annoying.

    R TR T5 hónapja
  • Everybody: Literally everyone: Every single soul in this comments section: writes down a "Nobody:" comment

    R TR T5 hónapja
  • Epic reddit moment stonkkks

    GuiGui5 hónapja
  • Nobody: Everybody: Nobody

    SML24SML245 hónapja
  • Nobody: Litterly no one: Not even the entire universe: Me:

    MoonvallixMoonvallix5 hónapja
  • No one: Literally no one: Person who read this: expecting a joke from this comment

    Faruq AbiyyiFaruq Abiyyi6 hónapja
  • 😷 hi im karen 👕 👖 1 like= enfected karen

    RaInBoW • 27 years agoRaInBoW • 27 years ago6 hónapja
    • Stfu

      CrafTanoCrafTano2 hónapja
    • Kid

      XenocriusXenocrius5 hónapja
  • Well this meme can freeze views

    Boboiboy AisBoboiboy Ais6 hónapja
  • Nobody:⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️↖️ Literally nobody: ⬆️ Not even a single soul: ⬆️ All yt comment memes:➡️↗️

    ETHAN OSETHAN OS6 hónapja
  • nobody: literally nobody: not a single soul: comments when a meme has a 69 in it: nice

    this is a channel namethis is a channel name6 hónapja
  • No one Asked

    BaconEv0lvedBaconEv0lved6 hónapja
  • Okay this jokes gotta stahp becuz imma use star platinum on all "no one" comments

    Salva Y AsrielSalva Y Asriel6 hónapja
    • W h y n o t g o l d e n e x p e r i e n c e r e q u i e m ?

      Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna6 hónapja
  • *how friends have conversations with “no one:” joke:*

    P yangP yang6 hónapja
  • I don't think the comment section understands the context of the video.

    The Left-Handed ArtistThe Left-Handed Artist6 hónapja
  • wHo’S wAtChInG tHiS dUrInG qUaRaNtInE? hAa HaA sOoO fUnNy! rIgHt GuYs?!

    GamerChromosomeGamerChromosome6 hónapja
  • Nobody:

    FIREKiD 2008FIREKiD 20086 hónapja
  • This comment section is cancer.

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna6 hónapja
    • Don't dig too deep, you will suffer more.

      Hardjaxx - Storm DesertHardjaxx - Storm Desert6 hónapja
  • Im here bc of bp how you like that lol

    100% ParkJimin Biased100% ParkJimin Biased6 hónapja
  • Nobody: Not even my lost dad: Courtney: ftrxgvgvtcgvhvyvyctxtdydssdyycsydyxxgyfxrrcgxychdhdydjcgxcxtxyfgcgcgcgcgg Tcdyyffyugufguvuvychvtcgcchvhvhhvucfyfyf

    Graciela MiillanGraciela Miillan6 hónapja
  • Nobody: Literally nobody: Me: Smosh made a video about nobody, literally nobody.

    JACKGamingJACKGaming6 hónapja
  • Nobody: Liberty no one: Me: uhh hello? Me: I guess I'm alone

    JaydenGaming123JaydenGaming1236 hónapja
    • "liberty"

      Queen BeeQueen BeeHónapja
    • “Liberty”

      • irene• irene6 hónapja