Every Kardashian Ever

2020.nov. 9.
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Is that another salad from Health Nut? You’re doing amazing, sweetie. This is EVERY KARDASHIAN EVER! We’re celebrating 15 years of Smosh all November long! Thanks for being our favorite pizza place!
This video was shot with a very limited crew. All cast & crew followed all CDC and California COVID-19 precautions and filming guidelines.
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  • "kanye is cheating on kim" that didn't age well..

    Lily GurakLily Gurak12 órája
  • Rob Kardashian is my favowite._. He’s so epic

  • 0:27 Rob

    Selena Gallegos BanuelosSelena Gallegos Banuelos2 napja

    Person 8_1Person 8_12 napja
  • 0:27 PAUSE!!!!

    Noah 101Noah 1012 napja
  • love that rob was quickly shown in the intro for like two seconds 😂

    c h r i s t i n e dc h r i s t i n e d2 napja
  • U forgot kendel

    JustAnnJustAnn2 napja
  • Bible. It is just to funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    OmegaOmega2 napja
  • Ommggg 🤣

    Dani AleDani Ale2 napja
  • Are we gonna talk about the fact that they forgot kendell

    Bshayer AbdullaBshayer Abdulla3 napja
  • My favorite parts of this video were the one where i think it was kim? Shut down the charmin factory after texting or tweeting about their toilet paper hurting her ass lol & then the one where the doctor & the dentist got bribed.

    Kenny BoggsKenny Boggs3 napja
  • We need part 2. PLEASE 🙏

    Rahul reddyRahul reddy4 napja
  • Can't believe that Marvel stole this intro from Smosh

    You Prehistoric SpongeYou Prehistoric Sponge4 napja
  • before anybody else says anything: they predicted kanye cheating on kim 😂😂

    cracktivitycracktivity4 napja
    • With who

      Karai graysonKarai graysonNapja
  • Chloe: that is a picture of me! Kim: actually that's a picture of me! Courtney that's a picture of me and you did not even tag me!

    Jessica OlveraJessica Olvera4 napja
  • Here for ten now I’m back for 15 nice job

    Maggie hunterMaggie hunter5 napja
  • yay the SHUT UP is back idk when it came back because i havent watched smosh in awhile so dont call me out

    E EE E5 napja
  • 4:03 "Hey Khloè, you wont believe this. Kanye is cheating on Kim." "This is Kim-" "Oh sh*t-" *ugly crying* Perfect.

    YouYou6 napja
  • It makes me extremely uncomfortable when she moans when she wipes her ass

    Slothzzz OwOSlothzzz OwO6 napja
  • They predicted Kanye cheating lol

    Christian SchillingChristian Schilling6 napja
  • i can’t believe people think olivia drew her hairline smh

    Kaelyn M.Kaelyn M.6 napja
  • wait where the old one

    RevFiveZRevFiveZ7 napja
  • 4:10 best Olivia moment

    GreyKenny WolfzGreyKenny Wolfz7 napja
  • Wait don’t Kim have a baby named stormey

    Jon ArmstrongJon Armstrong7 napja
  • Omg did they predict Kanye cheating on Kim? 😂😂

    Ashley BAshley B7 napja
  • Poor bodi...... People dont think hes a kardashian bc his name dosent begin with K......

    Jammy_ Dodger7890Jammy_ Dodger78907 napja
  • HAHAHAH no more using the thumb for the steve gay as

    TheTester 712TheTester 7127 napja
  • I come back on this video like everyday

    Kusumita DasKusumita Das7 napja
  • Where is Kendal (I get the joke, she is barely counted as a kardashian/Jenner

    Miss MarellaMiss Marella8 napja
  • The fact that Kanye actually cheated on kim lmao

    Ming MingMing Ming8 napja
  • Wait where's Kendall or did I just miss her

    Mikah GillMikah Gill8 napja
  • "hmm I wonder if this is a smosh vid..." SHUT UP!! " OK this is a smosh video"

    sniper pugzsniper pugz8 napja
  • Rob got like 0.50 seconds 😆😆

    Isaac CruzIsaac Cruz8 napja
  • srsly can someone explain to me whaat kardashian is?😂😂

    *TEEHEE**TEEHEE*9 napja
  • Keep posting interesting contents like this!

    Business GuideBusiness Guide9 napja
  • Is one of them a dude ?

    yellow snoop dogyellow snoop dog9 napja
  • b

    《BLAZE》《BLAZE》9 napja
  • 2:08 sound like something very wrong ummmmm

    Leeds4life Is coolLeeds4life Is cool10 napja
  • I don’t think that doctor has heard of adoption

    I don’t care studio’sI don’t care studio’s10 napja
  • Omg that's so good 😂😂

    shivankshivank10 napja

    Lily BeddoeLily Beddoe10 napja
  • Kylie Jenner it not soft me maybe it’s beacuse of your long nails

    Zahra MaqsodiZahra Maqsodi11 napja
  • _kanye is cheating on kim_ welp, that didn't age well.

    Dacrai MitchellDacrai Mitchell11 napja
  • Kanye literally did cheat on Kim

    Garden172 AJGarden172 AJ11 napja
  • 0:27

    Gloria ArrudaGloria Arruda11 napja
  • Complaning about toilet paper made a guy make a onlyfans XD

    no nameno name11 napja
  • I love the intro.

    EelbobitusEelbobitus11 napja
  • 4:09 “this is kim”, “oh shit”😂😂😂

    chrixchrix12 napja
  • Bible? Bible.

    Shōyō HinataShōyō Hinata12 napja
  • It’s funny this channel was made a year after my birth and I’ve been watching since age 5

    IceCold MediaIceCold Media12 napja
  • Kenndal

    Ella MaeElla Mae12 napja
  • Yes

    Underwater AdventuresUnderwater Adventures12 napja
  • whos here after kanye actually cheated on kim

    Cassie McAuleyCassie McAuley12 napja
  • kylie Jenner: in the bathroom ouch charmin ultra soft is literally not soft at all me: thats literally your long ass nails

    Heather BattsHeather Batts12 napja
  • 4:04 this is how she found out

    willi just williwilli just willi12 napja
  • Why can’t the boy get more famous than all the other girls I’m not saying I’m sexist I’m just saying who is deserves a little bit more credit and all the girls in chat please I’m just saying I’m not trying to be mean

    Mr.nether men MinecraftMr.nether men Minecraft13 napja
  • I love this episode when the slightest thing happens they instantly get pissed off for no reason I love this video I hope you have a Lotta likes and I hope you guys get a lot of subscribers

    Mr.nether men MinecraftMr.nether men Minecraft13 napja
  • Olivia’s hairline is so messed up

    NonObito and DekuNonObito and Deku13 napja
  • They fact that they have more authority that anyone else is Terrifying.

    Malek GhoshehMalek Ghosheh13 napja
  • You predicted 2021 congrats Kim

    DerpfaceDerpface13 napja
  • 4:02 yeah sure now's the perfect time to say it lol

    Pato MartinezPato Martinez13 napja
  • I can't stop rewatching it for "Bible"

    Shivangi SinghShivangi Singh13 napja
  • When I saw Anthony as the start it made me sad

    No idea For a nameNo idea For a name13 napja
  • The fact that kourtney said kanye is cheating on Kim lol happened in real life

    Sarahi DiazSarahi Diaz13 napja
  • poor kendel

    Abraham momaniAbraham momani14 napja
  • money salves every thing 2:49

    Evan SeguraEvan Segura14 napja
  • The Kanye cheated on Kim thing is so iconic now that they might be getting a divorce

    Sam SteinSam Stein14 napja
  • 3:55 Man they predict everything right about Kanye. Now their actually gonna break up.

    Drew Dude 2105Drew Dude 210514 napja
  • Shouldn’t Courtney be kourtney kardashian

    Kisa FatimaKisa Fatima14 napja
  • 0:01 our lost brother

    Kul manKul man15 napja
  • The person playing Kylie is so much better than the real one.

    Soumyanil RoySoumyanil Roy16 napja
  • So where’s Kendall?

    samanthasamantha16 napja
  • Anthony was the best Kim Kardashian.

    Sofie MSofie M16 napja
  • Olivia actually nailed kourtney omg-

    its._. ellieits._. ellie16 napja
  • There on spot about this

    Devil hornsDevil horns17 napja
  • LMAO the bit with the T-Mobile family plan had me flyinggg

    cannicolecannicole17 napja
  • Whoever played Kim did a marvellous job ! 🔥

    Pasupathy DevarajPasupathy Devaraj17 napja
  • (1:15) Kloe opening a bag of crisps: No one: LITRELLY no one: Kardashians: YoU aRe So RuDe

    Mr PenguinMr Penguin18 napja
  • Hi heart if you see this

    MattieMattie18 napja

    Kasper LuKasper Lu18 napja
  • Ok but like this is so true LOL

    Arianna RodriguezArianna Rodriguez18 napja
  • Where’s Kendall

    Jade EJade E19 napja
  • The Girl who acted as Kylie low-key kinda looked like Jade Thirlwall

    Kookie's cute PoutKookie's cute Pout19 napja

      Walid RifaiWalid Rifai18 napja
    • RIGHT

      Shivangi SinghShivangi Singh18 napja
  • Kimmy looks ugly. In that make up

    Oanh LeOanh Le19 napja
  • Kimmy more like Jimmy

    Oanh LeOanh Le19 napja
  • *bible*

    סול בירוןסול בירון20 napja
  • Wehr is kris jener

    Maria LangeMaria Lange21 napja
  • i was your 40000 like

    Randall SnymanRandall Snyman21 napja
  • If only anthony was there he would be kim And Courtney will be Kourtney

    Elnelyn HernandezElnelyn Hernandez21 napja

    Patricia Angeline VermudoPatricia Angeline Vermudo21 napja
  • Man y’all just be forgetting about kendall

    SpiritualSupervSpiritualSuperv22 napja
  • Where is Kendall? Is she not thick enough

    Savannah VOLPESavannah VOLPE22 napja
  • rob

    Micah BellMicah Bell22 napja
  • We all know Rob is the best Kardashian😂

    vortexvortex22 napja
  • rob

    phatspencerphatspencer22 napja
  • I love the intro for celebrating the 15 anny concrats smosh miss you Anthony

    Sparkel PantisSparkel Pantis22 napja
  • Kylie: Takes out money Doctor shayne:I will find the technology to make this happened Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    ImanIman23 napja
  • Ur rude

    ImanIman23 napja
  • Where is kelldal

    AnneColette VlogsAnneColette Vlogs23 napja
  • I thought this was posted last year

    MhLM 14MhLM 1423 napja